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  • Trump Goes On Insane Rant On Live TV, Completely Throws Michael Cohen Under The Bus

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    If Donald Trump was looking for a way to ensure that his longtime personal lawyer wouldn’t “flip” on him, as so many pundits, attorneys, intelligence officials, and historians believe he will, he certainly went about it the wrong way on Fox News this morning.

    It started with a late-night Wednesday tweet, because Donnie was just super excited to be on his favorite show:

    But he had no idea just how much we would all enjoy that show. Maybe he had no idea that people other than his die-hard fans would be watching, because from the way he talked, he sure sounded like a guy who thought he was surrounded by people who believe every word he says.

    In this case, I’m not even certain that Doocy, Earhardt, and Kilmeade — the last of whom I believe wishes Trump would play Santa at his local mall just so he could sit on his lap — were entirely on board with the president’s ramblings.

    During the interview, the conversation naturally turned to the situation with Cohen, who yesterday entered a statement in the defamation lawsuit he’s currently defending himself from, saying he would be pleading the Fifth Amendment in order to keep from incriminating himself — because he has so many OTHER things to worry about, of course.

    But Trump obviously felt the need, after having made such a huge deal in the past about “only guilty people” pleading the Fifth, to distance himself from Cohen, so he did the only thing he knows how to do: He threw him all the way under the bus.

    Asked by the hosts just how much of his legal representation Cohen actually does, Trump said,

    “[A] tiny, tiny little fraction, but Michael would represent me, and represent me, on some things. He represents me like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represents me…”


    Wait, did you say that Cohen represents you in the case you just said you knew nothing about while you were aboard Air Force One like a week ago, and completely admit on Cohen’s behalf that he’s been lying to federal investigators? Man, that just seems cold.

    Stormy Daniels’ lawyer was loving it, though:

    Michael Avenatti is right — these outbursts from Donald Trump ARE a gift from the heavens, and we’d like to personally thank him for them…

    With a nice going away card.

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