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  • Pence Just Made A Deal With The NRA, Spits In The Face Of Shooting Victims

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    It gets harder to believe every single day what a national nightmare we’re living in, but it seems that every day brings yet another example of the hypocrisy, shamelessness, and depravity of the Trump administration. They mock every American who doesn’t wear a MAGA hat with literally everything they do, insulting the nation’s collective intelligence one stupid tweet, one racist executive order, one bonkers Fox News interview at a time.

    The problem is, it’s not just Donald Trump — it’s the whole crew he’s surrounded by.

    And really, the worst offenses, apart from actual laws that ruin lives, are the ones that simply symbolize how little respect Trump, his vice president, and his Cabinet have for the country. Watching countless Secretaries face accusations of using taxpayer money for personal gain, or seeing spokespeople lie through their teeth is almost more frustrating than just the general incompetence of the administration.

    That’s why it’s especially galling to see Mike Pence on the schedule as the keynote speaker for the NRA convention in Dallas on May 4th.

    As a practical matter, it is in no way surprising to see a Republican headlining an NRA meet-up, especially since the NRA has become, rather than the sporting club they used to be, basically a lobbying group dedicated to making as much money off of vulnerable, gullible people as possible.

    But as a matter of conscience, it’s just gross to watch the Vice President of the United States absolutely scorn the survivors of a school shooting in this way. It can be taken as nothing less than total scorn for the activist kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, who are currently leading a national movement that has raised the American consciousness in regard to gun violence to such a level that a vast majority of Americans now favor comprehensive gun control measures.

    In fact, actress and political activist Alyssa Milano has already written a petition, hosted on MoveOn.Org, calling on Pence to remove himself from the NRA’s schedule. An appearance by the VP does nothing but raise money for what has now become a terrorist organization. You can add your own voice by signing her petition, and telling Mike Pence that it’s gross to help monsters like the NRA make money off the deaths of children.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images