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  • Melania Stunned After Trump Announces Her Birthday Gift, White House In Shock (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump, Politics

    Melania Trump’s birthday is today, and her husband, President Donald Trump, was apparently too preoccupied to get her a birthday present.

    Donald Trump said on Thursday that he was too busy for any sort of birthday present; instead, he spent the day before on a Twitter love fest with rapper Kanye West.

    In a telephone interview with Fox and Friends, Trump quipped that today was a special day to call into the news network because it’s Melania’s birthday so “let’s do it on Melania’s birthday.” He then wished his wife a happy birthday over the phone.

    When asked what he gave his wife for her birthday, Trump went on to respond with his usual drivel:

    “Well, I better not get into that ’cause I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn’t get her so much. I tell you what she has done, I got her a beautiful card. You know I’m very busy to be running out looking for presents, OK? But I got her a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers.”

    Twitter Lambasted Trump

    Of course, Twitter went off, where users were responding in many ways to the announcement that he was much too engrossed in his presidential duties to celebrate Melania’s birthday properly.

    What’s Up With Kanye West Anyway?

    Not much to see here – just another person somewhere in the sunken place. In the past week, West has released a barrage of controversial tweets, with one of them being a glowing endorsement for President Donald Trump. West revealed that he wouldn’t let “group think” force him to dislike the president – even though there is a genuine cause of concern when it comes to the character, ethics, and style of governance surrounding the Trump administration. He compared Trump and himself to both having “dragon energy,” stating that they are both brothers.

    In response to this twitter love, the president retweeted West and gave him a shout-out: “Thank you Kanye, very cool!”

    None of this could have gone over very well with Melania, and the White House has been scrambling for days to cover for their so-called “president.”

    Trump is losing support day by day, and it’s his own fault!

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